November 21st, 2012

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Израильским левым хоть кол на голове теши, хоть в бомбоубежище гони, результат нулевой:
Yoav Rimer

Reality may be complex- but the truth is still simple.
Hamas is a Terrorist organization. Its Terror is aimed primarily against Palestinian society- aiming to turn it into a dark fundamentalist society. We must fight Terror.
Israel is a Democracy. But it also "de-facto" runs an occupation regime which leads to brutal oppression of Palestinian population. Israel is influenced by fanatics representing a distorted, racist and violent Judaism. That is not Zionism.
The Israeli public is subjected to hateful brainwash from within and terrorist bombardment from Gaza. It is abandoned by governments which have forsaken their responsibility to the lives and souls of their citizens.
The Oppressed Palestinian public fails to erect a peaceful and progressive leadership out of the reality of occupation (although important moves are undertaken in the west bank). This public is held hostage by blood thirsty leaders.
The s media deals in miniature questions of land invasion and rocket-range- rather than demanding leaders on both sides to take responsibility for the future of their respected peoples.
Share if you believe both peoples have the right to a peaceful future!